1,903 Travelers Were Stopped Due To Trump’s First Travel Ban

Between January 27 and February 4 last year, 1, 903 travelers were stopped for a second inspection by Customs and Border Patrol following President Trump’s executive order banning travelers from 7 Muslim-majority nations, according to newly released data from CBP. 1,457 of them U.S. residents and at least 134 turned around and left the country, Buzzfeed reported.

Why it matters: This is the first time that these numbers have been released. The Supreme Court will soon hear arguments in the travel ban case in April, after allowing Trump’s third version of the travel ban to be implemented while the case was ongoing.

Some aspects of Trump’s order were challenged in court almost immediately, but it wasn’t until Feb. 3, 2017, that US District Judge James Robart issued a nationwide temporary restraining order that blocked enforcement of the travel and refugee bans. The 28-page CBP document, released in response to multiple Freedom of Information Act requests, states, “This document lists all Executive Order related travelers who were encountered at CBP primary inspection in the air, land, and sea environments from January 27, 2017 to February 4, 2017 and were referred for secondary inspection.”

The document notes the “disposition” for the roughly 300 remaining people who were not permanent residents and were sent to secondary processing — many times just with reference to a code that appeared to refer to various visas or other federal provisions that could allow them entry. In other instances, though, the disposition was specific and did not allow entry. For example, 10 people were crew members of a boat, and they were detained on board the boat while it was in the US. Nine Syrians were detained after processing in Philadelphia, and one Iranian was detained after processing through Customs and Border Protection in Miami.


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