Hogg Heaven: Worshipful CNN Anchor To David Hogg, ‘What Kind Of dumbass Colleges Don’t Want You?’

Liberal Parkland school shooting activist David Hogg appeared on CNN early Friday morning to discuss his scorched earth boycott campaign against conservative radio and TV host Laura Ingraham after she tweaked him about not being accepted to the elite colleges of his choice.

Hogg told TMZ earlier this week he had been rejected by several California schools. He also said he had a 4.2 grade average a 1270 SAT score. His SAT score puts Hogg in the 80th percentile, obviously not good enough for the better schools.

CNN host Allyson Camerota worshipfully asked Hogg, “David, I am stunned that four colleges rejected you. What kind of dumbass colleges don’t want you? I mean you’ve taken the country by storm. How do you explain this? Did they reject you before the Parkland massacre, or, or how do you explain this?”

CNN promoted Camerota’s Hogg worship on Twitter. Hogg blamed the system, saying there are a lot of good students not getting into colleges they apply to but that you don’t have to go to college to change the world.


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