REPORT: Mueller Behind Detainment Of INFOWARS’ Contributor Ted Malloch

As previously reported, Dr. Malloch, a contributor for Infowars was detained by the FBI shortly after his plane arrived in Cleveland, Ohio. In Feburary 2017, it was rumored that Malloch was going to be chosen by President Trump to be the Ambassador to the United Nations. The FBI could have grabbed him for making ‘false statements’to two US Banks previously reported by the Financial Times on March 2, 2017.

From what we have been told– “What I can tell, it seems like he called Jerome, told him what was happening as it was happening and then his phone and laptop were taken”. Malloch was reportedly detained for “making false statements.” He was in the US to give a talk. He’s accused of making false statements to two US banks.

These accusations were from last year. Dr. Corsi is reporting Mueller and his minions are behind Malloch’s detainment. Dr. Corsi went on a tweetstorm and pounded Mueller and Rosenstein.

“I am coming on ALEX JONES @infowars (even though sick today) TODAY at 12:00 CT, 1pm ET to POUND special prosecutor MUELLER for secret squirrel SUBPOENA of TED MALLOCH to appear before GRAND JURY April 13 on RUSSIA – FBI detained TED at airport STOLE his CELLPHONE won’t return it”

“MUELLER, ROSENSTEIN what’s your NET WORTH how much did HRC pay you to cover up RUSSIAN BRIBERY from CFIUS? Now you BULLY former OXFORD PROF – give him back his CELLPHONE where did you find MA judge to issue subpoena? PATHETIC @realDonaldTrump On Alex Jones today at 1PM ET”


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