NRA Donations Spike After Parkland Sshooting

Despite the backlash hurled at the NRA following last month’s Florida high school shooting, the gun lobby group’s donations from supporters tripled in the days after the massacre, CNN reports. Citing FEC records, the network reports the NRA’s Political Victory Fund got $248,000 in January and more than $779,000 in February.

The details: The Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks political spending, tells CNN it’s unclear what caused the spike, but say it might have been in response to calls for strict gun control measures.

They also found the number of people contributing in the seven days after the shooting increased almost 500% from the week before. The Center for Responsive Politics says it’s unclear what caused the spike, whether it was NRA outreach or President Trump’s comments after the shooting suggesting he might support tougher regulations on guns. The NRA’s Political Victory Fund contributes money to political campaigns for gun rights-friendly candidates and is only one of the ways the organization receives and spends money.


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