Judge Napolitano: Inspector General Horowitz Set To Unearth ‘Treasure Trove’ Of Abuses By DOJ, FBI Against Trump

Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano believes Inspector General Michael Horowitz is set to unearth a ‘treasure trove,’ of FISA abuses by both the FBI and Justice Department against President Donald Trump.

“The FBI was never perfect. Made up of human beings that have political aspirations and political ideas. But when it was confined just to law enforcement, it knew how to do its job. After 9/11, when the FBI was moved into intelligence-gathering as well as law enforcement, the abuses began to ramp up,” Napolitano told the hosts of “Fox & Friends,” on Thursday.

I believe that the inspector general will find a treasure trove, not just McCabe and company, but that is the most extreme violation we know of because the target, the victim is the president of the United States. Though he was a candidate and then president-elect at the time,” Napolitano added. But he will find a treasure trove of abuses. Going to FISA, getting warrants, when the law did not justify it.

The probe stems from allegations of surveillance abuse by the FBI and DOJ in efforts to obtain FISA warrants to examine Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. “FBI people who knew they couldn’t get a warrant from a judge like me, where the standard is probable cause of crime, go to FISA where the standard is probable cause of talking to a foreign person,” Napolitano said on “Fox and Friends.”

[Horowitz] will find a treasure trove of abuses: going to FISA [and] getting warrants when the law did not justify it.” Napolitano stressed that Horowitz cannot charge anyone, can only talk to people in the government now and does not have subpoena power to interview former FBI officials. But he said if Horowitz uncovers alleged criminal activity, he could pass it on to the Justice Department for investigation.


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