Trump Approval Rating Up Thanks To The Economy, Tax Cuts

President Trump’s approval rating jumped 7 points this month to 42%, due in part to the growing U.S. economy and tax cuts, according to the latest AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll. 47% of respondents said they approved of how Trump was handling the economy and 46% approve of his handling of the new tax overhaul.

Yes, but: Republicans are approaching what is looking like a gloomy midterm season and Trump is still disliked by over half of American voters. 73% of voters said that they thought the new tax laws benefit the wealthy, and voters were split over whether they helped the middle class. However, in past midterm and presidential elections, the economy and jobs have always been the top issues for voters, according to Pew Research.

The survey also finds that 32 percent think the tariff on steel and aluminum will lead to an increase in jobs, while 36 percent expect a decrease in jobs, and 31 percent say it will have no effect. Additionally, 40 percent think it will lead to an increase in the price of consumer goods, 39 percent expect a decrease in prices, and 19 percent say it will have no effect.

Americans think the most important criteria to consider in negotiating trade deals with other countries should be the effect on jobs in the United States. More than half also think it is important to consider American competitiveness with other countries, the environmental impact, the effect on troubled U.S. industries, and keeping consumer prices low.


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