Oregon Becomes First State Since Parkland To Pass Gun Safety Law

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a new gun safety bill Monday that prevents “intimate partners” who have a domestic violence or stalking conviction from purchasing firearms, reports HuffPost.

Although the bill simply expands on an existing law to close what legislators call “the boyfriend loophole,” (the previous measure only applied to married partners), the significance of Oregon being the first state to enact a gun safety law in the wake of the Parkland shooting should not be undervalued.

“This will be historic … That a legislature and a state was willing to say, ‘No more. Not on our watch.'”
— Oregon Gov. Kate Brown

The bill was introduced in January, but the governor called it “historic” because state legislators decided to advance the measure in response to the Parkland shooting. Major gun retailers including Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods changed their policies on selling guns because of the Florida shooting. But besides Oregon, no states ― or Congress ― have passed any new laws aimed at reining in gun violence.


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