Trump Slams Mexico, El Salvador On MS-13: “We Need The Wall!”

President Trump blasted El Salvador and Mexico in a morning tweet by claiming that they allow deported MS-13 gang members to “come back in [to the United States]…like water.” He also stated those gang members are being removed “by the thousands” — an assertion, per The Washington Post, that isn’t backed up by hard numbers.

This is a new twist on Trump’s well-worn claim that his administration is deporting thousands of members of the violent MS-13 gang. We gave the president Two Pinocchios in June because MS-13 removals were in the hundreds, not the thousands, under his watch.

Whereas Trump referred only to deportees in his previous remarks, his claim has now expanded to include MS-13 members “in our prisons.” That tweak caught our attention, since it’s a big one. Has the Trump administration taken “thousands and thousands” of MS-13 members off the streets, whether by deporting or imprisoning them?


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