Chelsea Clinton – The Woman Who Used Embezzled Haiti Disaster Cash To Pay For Her Wedding – Lectures Trump On Haiti

On Thursday afternoon President Donald Trump asked a group of pro-amnesty senators why the US should welcome migrants from “sh*tholes” like Haiti, Central America or African nations.
It was a good question. But Democrats, liberal media and global community were outraged that the president would use such an offensive term to describe the global community’s failed states.

Chelsea Clinton decided this was a good time to lecture Trump on Haiti. Chelsea Clinton reportedly used stolen money from Haiti relief to pay for her extravagant wedding. But that didn’t stop her from tweeting this out to President Trump.

“The Clinton family, they are crooks, they are thieves, they are liars,” says Haitian activist Dahoud Andre. He has been leading protests outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign base in Brooklyn for the last two years.

He said protesters from his small activist group, the Committee to Mobilize Against Dictatorship in Haiti, will continue to level their allegations – so far all unproven – if the Democratic candidate wins the White House.

Not only was that an unwise tweet considering her crooked family’s past, it also show’s her complete lack of knowledge of the construction industry. When was the last time Salvadorans, Haitians and Africans came together in the US to building a Trump resort?


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