President Trump Was Right! Megyn Kelly Just Confirmed It!

NBC’s Megyn Kelly has confirmed President Trump’s greatest accusation – there is a media bias against him and “it’s absurd”.

From The Hill: NBC’s Megyn Kelly said in an interview that “there are so many reporters who are completely biased against Trump, it’s absurd,” but also said that Trump “[targets] them.”

Kelly’s interview with published Friday comes as her new 9 a.m. ET program “Megyn Kelly Today” is set to launch on NBC as the third hour of “The Today Show” on Monday.

The former attorney also believes reporters are being roped into personal battles with President Trump instead of staying “on the sidelines where they belong.”

“It’s not the way it used to be, being a journalist today,” said Kelly, who jumped from Fox News to NBC in January after 13 years at the cable news network.


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