Will The Supreme Court Grant Trump Administration This Request?

The Trump administration has requested that the Supreme Court lift what they call a radically overbroad blockade of the travel ban. reports: The Trump administration urged the Supreme Court Wednesday to lift the “radically overbroad” blockade of the president’s travel ban.

It also told the justices that the case should not be considered moot because the ban never took effect in the first place.

With the 90-day ban set to expire this week from the original effective date, Trump issued a memo Wednesday clarifying that the ban period should not start until the appeals court blockades of his ban are lifted.

The injunction “inflicts irreparable injury on the government and the public,” Wall wrote, adding that conditions in the six countries “‘present heightened threats’ of terrorism and diminish their governments’ ‘willingness or ability to share or validate important information about individuals seeking to travel to the United States.


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