Obama Makes His Biggest Move Since Leaving Office

Barack Obama will speak publicly for the first time since leaving office in his hometown of Chicago.

The Hill reports: Barack Obama will make the first public appearance of his post-presidency on Monday when he speaks at an event in his hometown of Chicago, his office said Friday.

It ends a three-month period of relative silence since Obama left office on Jan. 20, much of which he has spent on vacation in Palm Springs, Calif., on a Caribbean island with Richard Branson and an exclusive resort in French Polynesia.

Obama will participate in a town-hall style discussion with young people on “community organizing and civic engagement” at the University of Chicago, near the site of his planned presidential library.

“This event is part of President Obama’s post-presidency goal to encourage and support the next generation of leaders driven by strengthening communities around the country and the world,” his office said in a statement.


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