87 Days Into Trumps Presidency And No One Saw This Coming!

Since President Trump took office the surge of Haitian migrants illegally crossing over the border into the United States has dropped a staggering 97% according to reports. reports: It is one of the biggest among a plethora of success stories from the southwestern border, where illegal immigration appears to have nearly dried up in the two months since Mr. Trump took office.

Six months ago, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers manning the ports of entry were encountering more than 100 Haitians a day. By March, only weeks into Mr. Trump’s tenure, that had dropped to just 100 for the entire month — down a stunning 97 percent. Rep. Duncan Hunter, a California Republican who was one of the first to expose the surge of Haitians last year and has tracked the issue since, said all it took was a commitment of enforcement to stem the flow.

The fact that these numbers are not just down, but so significantly reduced, is a direct credit to the Trump administration,” said Joe Kasper, Mr. Hunter’s chief of staff.

It shows what a message of enforcement first signals to the rest of the world and the extent to which the Obama administration’s policies were a problem.”

This is outstanding news for the Trump administration and for anyone who takes the sovereignty of our nation seriously. Luckily we finally have someone in the White House who does.


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