Former UK Ambassador Knows the DNC Hacker and It’s Not the Russians

Former UK ambassador Craig Murray knows who the DNC leaker is, and met with him!

“I know who leaked them,” Murray told the Guardian. “I’ve met the person who leaked them, and they are certainly not Russian. But an insider.”

This is stunning news, because the media has been pushing this narrative that Russia helped Donald Trump get elected; all baseless and fact-less accusations.

Murray points out that the DNC emails weren’t leaked, nor hacked; but rather were recovered by an insider who was most likely upset at Clinton and the DNC rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders.

The corruption doesn’t end here.

Wikileaks has also denied all along that the source behind the DNC leaks was Russia, with Julian Assange alluding to the probability that it was the murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Murray goes on to assert that the Washington Post report is full of it, and that the entire liberal agenda is for U.S. – Russia relations to worsen.


Julian Assange confirms it was NOT Russia.

Source: @stonecoldtruth

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